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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine!

So you have a dirty carpet or you're thinking of hiring a carpet cleaner ? As renting carpet cleaning machines becomes ever more popular, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn't hire a carpet cleaning machine, and while I may be bias owning a carpet cleaning company, I think after reading this post at least one or two reasons will make you agree with me, so lets start with the first reason on our list.

1: Time

" The dog has had an accident! " This is the point most pet owners contemplate hiring a carpet cleaning machine, and with most houses having cream carpets laid ( the mind boggles ) said pet stain is ever more present, and if left uncleaned will not only darken in colour and become even more obvious but also start to smell too, oh the joys of having a pet haha!

So off to the supermarket you go to hire your carpet cleaning machine for the next 24 hours, and this is where " time " comes into play. You have already had to take time out to pick it up, use your petrol or diesel to get there, then you have had to drive it home, set it up and then spend one, maybe two or more hours cleaning the carpet or removing the stain, only to have to dispose of all the waste water and then fit it into the car and drive it all the way back to the supermarket or wherever you hired it from.

All in all you have probably spent a good 3-4 hours from start to finish, and on hiring the machine and the chemicals, not including fuel forked out around £35-£40, time aside, the cost of a carpet cleaner to come directly to you will cost less, so why did you hire a machine? Time is important, don't waste it cleaning a carpet and running the risks I will go over next, hire a professional.


2: Over-Soaking the Carpet!

So you didn't take my advice and you went out and hired a carpet cleaning machine, ok things aren't all that bad ( yet ), but hey it's early days, first things first you need to fill the machine with water and the solution chemicals, did I mention that these same chemicals can be harmful ?, I won't be covering that in this post, but by all means have a read of the most popular carpet cleaning machines own branded cleaning solution, It can cause skin irritation, eye irritations, is harmful to aquatic life and to the environment, these same products contain bleaching agents, detergents and cancer causing carcinogens ( At Evergreen Clean we use 100% Non-Toxic chemicals ).

But back to the point, you fill the machine with water and the solution and you begin to drag the machine back squirting down the chemicals and water, but wait how much water do I need to spray, the answer is you don't know, which is why over soaking a carpet is one of the biggest mistakes people make, this may sound like not much of a problem, it will dry right ? RIGHT ? Well yes but depending on the carpet you can be left with all kinds of problems, we will cover the main one next, but over soaking a carpet can cause the carpet to shrink leaving waves in the carpet and it to pull from the walls and backing, cause fungal and mould growth which if left untreated can cause damp, which in turn can lead to a whole host of health problems, and then of course you have the next problem to deal with, the smell!


3: Smell

What have sheep got to do with cleaning a carpet you ask, well chances are, if you're lucky enough to have a high wool content carpet and have just injected to much un-deodorised solution and water into your carpet using the hire machine, in about 6-12 hours you're about to find out, so it smells of sheep, I like the smell of the countryside! Well as much as I like the waft of childhood memories at the farm, having that smell in your home for up to two weeks isn't a pleasurable trip down memory lane.

You see a trained qualified carpet cleaner will not only know how much water to use when cleaning a carpet, but will know among other things the wool content and be using a product to counter the smell, in our case we use cherries, apple, spices and more, ok enough plugging, but you see how getting that pet stain out has now left the carpet warped, smelling of sheep and the worst is yet to come!


4: Hygiene

So here we are, maybe you're still considering hiring a carpet cleaning machine, maybe the hours of time you need to invest hasn't put you off, maybe the risk of rot in the floorboards, fungal growth, the carpet warping and damp hasn't phased you, or even the smell of Godstone Farm lingering within the house, ok I can see you're a tough one, so how about this one.

You have decided against all odds to hire the machine from the supermarket, you have got it home, filled it with solution and you position it just in front of the stain little Mr Bojangles had left earlier in the day for you, your only goal is to now clean up the mess and get the carpet nice and clean, I mean you have just spent £35 odd pounds to do so.

But let me give you this to think about, how many others have done the same thing, how many other hundreds or thousands of people have hired out the machine you're now holding in our hands, now think about all the things that machine has been dragged over, and how you're about to drag all of those germs and bacteria over your carpet, its not a pleasant thought is it, and this is and should be if all others didn't make you change your mind, reason enough to not hire a carpet cleaning machine, but instead hire a professional carpet cleaner.


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