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How to treat urine stains:

At Evergreen Clean we deal with a wide range of problems, aside from cleaning general dirt we sometimes have to get rid of spilt coffee and wine stains, dye transfer, blu-tac, bubblegum, blood, rubber marks, oil, grease, mud, rust, urine, the list goes on and on, and while we're more than capable of removing 99% of these stains, this year I thought it would be easier and more financially beneficial to my customers If instead of calling us or another company out to clean a stain, I could with my extensive knowledge on carpet cleaning advise you on how to remove said stain yourself, with minimal skills required and at the same time saving you money.

Because while we are a business, If I can save someone money on a call out for just a stain and achieve similar results then I have still done my job, it sounds counter intuitive for a business to essentially give away business, but for anyone that knows me, they know my success isn't from making money, it's about being honest with my customers, and to me that's what keeps a business going, so on this Blog we will be talking about different types of stains and how to effectively remove them.

I'll also be providing links to where the products can be purchased, so without further ado let's start off with one of the worst stains and smells " Urine ", whether it be a pet or a child potty training, urine stains if left untreated can stink, as a carpet cleaner I have as you can imagine seen some awful sights, and one smell you never forget is the smell of age old urine. So If you own a pet(s) or a have a young child it pays to always have a bottle of this under the kitchen sink.

It's not a shop sold product, It's actually a handheld version or what our company uses to eliminate urine stains and get rid of the ammonia smell, it's also made by one of the market leaders in carpet cleaning chemicals so you know you're getting the best product available, this one litre bottle will last years and is one I always recommend to my customers after I have cleaned their carpets, for £10 you've already saved money, don't need to worry about finding a carpet cleaner if something happens, can treat the stain straight away, and prevent any long term damage, making Prochems urine neutraliser a must have.

Urine Removal

  • Acidic deodorant to neutralise and deodorise. Prevents permanent staining.

  • Has an added fresh fragrance.

  • Can be used on hard surface for urinal cleaning and deodorization.

  • Great for care homes, nurseries, and households with children and pets.

  • A unique active agent is moulded into the pen, killing 99.9% of all harmful bacteria & viruses.

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