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The Nwes Effect

Most people don't know that when I started this business I was lucky enough to secure a loan through NWES, they offer new start up businesses loans and without them I wouldn't be here today, I may cover how to secure a small business loan in future posts, but here is an interview I had with NWES a few months ago for those that missed it.

Matthew Cheetham had been working for seven years as a chef before he discovered deep cleaning. He loved his job, but Matthew had the ambition to run his own business.

Matthew contacted Nwes, and was matched with Business Consultant Richard Voisey. Richard supported Matthew in applying for low-interest loan funding to kick-start his business, Evergreen Clean.

“How did Nwes help me? Well, financially, but in all honesty Richard Voisey is the real reason I am where I am today. His help at the start, guiding me and offering advice got me the loan and put things into perspective,” said Matthew.

Business Consultant Richard Voisey said, “Matthew has a real positive attitude to the business and himself, which I am sure rubs off on his customers and suppliers. He had the added challenge of moving to Norfolk from Lincolnshire while setting up his business at the same time. He has made a superb transition.”

Fast-forward one year and Matthew’s business is going from strength to strength.

“I do all the work myself, from the deep cleaning all the way to running the website and social media.” Matthew says 80% of his works comes from social media.

“I’ve learned over the past year that you can’t start a business and expect things to work. You need to put your time in, your heart and soul, and work at it. Sometimes things won’t work out, but you have to believe in yourself and keep your integrity, that’s the most important thing. The best thing about being self-employed is having the freedom to innovate.”

Matthew is certainly innovating. He is about to upgrade his equipment so that he can proudly say his business is 100% environmentally friendly and ‘Evergreen’. He has been working hard towards this goal ever since he launched Evergreen Clean, so this is a huge achievement for Matthew.

He said, “As for growth, I hope to increase my turnover in year two, and in year three I will employ an apprentice. I can only do so much myself. The end goal is to license the company out in 8-10 years.”

Matthew has truly found his calling. We are pleased to see his business is growing.

You can head over to Nwes to see the whole article here: http://www.nwes.org.uk/blog/the-nwes-effect-evergreen-clean/

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