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Christmas is a time for giving, where for most of us we come together once a year as families and forget about work and the rest of the world, and for those couple of weeks before you have to go back to the daily grind, it's nice to be able to spend time with the ones you love or remember those of Christmas past.

However while we're enjoying Christmas some people are out to cash in on those more vulnerable, they call these people in the carpet cleaning trade as " Splash N Dash ", pop up " businesses " that around this time of year offer services at unbelievable prices, make claims of having training, being insured and worst of all make claims that they're using Eco-friendly chemicals which are safe for children and pets.

But instead these Splash N Dash Facebook businesses turn up with a Rug Doctor, they have no training or insurance, and use harsh chemicals which are far from safe for children or the environment, and scarily they are allowed into peoples homes through false advertising.

Now you may wonder why I'm making this blog post about these kinds of people, well I serve on average 3-4 customers a day, and when you meet that many people you get to hear a lot of stories, and given the kind of business I am in they are for the most part usually carpet cleaning related.

And lately I am not only being called out to rectify a lot of bodge jobs by these people, but I have been hearing about these Splash N Dashers using bullying sales pitches on the elderly, making sexual comments to women customers who are home alone, and if they aren't bad enough one case had a child's foot slightly burned after they claimed to be using " safe " chemicals!.

Now while it would be easy for me to carry on doing my job and leave these people to carry on doing what they're doing, I can't, it annoys me greatly knowing that people who could be my nan or grandad, or my family members could end up as victims, so I urge you to be vigilant at this time of year, or any time for that matter.

If you do hire someone out who isn't known as a reputable tradesmen, ask questions, what chemicals do you use, what equipment do you use, can I see your insurance, read their reviews, and if they haven't got any ask yourself why, do they have a website, and If you're unsure trust your gut, the fact is If someone is offering to clean your £400 living room carpet for £10 It's more than likely to good to be true.

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