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Throwback Thursday!

The post that booked a 1000 carpet cleans, well not quite a 1000 ( yet ), but this post was what launched Evergreen Clean into the forefront of the big Facebook groups and ultimately gave me the boost I needed to showcase my work.

This was just over two years ago now, I had invested nearly 10 grand from a loan and the last of my own money, and while work was coming in I needed more. I had recently moved from Lincoln down to Norwich and with living costs and everything else I had to make this work.

I still remember the day I did this job, I remember the ammonia from the carpet stinging my eyes, the carpet you see had been used as a litter tray for a number of years and had gone a dark shade of purpley brown.

It didn't phase me though, I had seen worse and I carried on and finished the job leaving the carpet looking like new, and now a shade of blue. This new colouring would not only lead to our success but also to a lot of abuse..

That night I got home excited to post my before and afters on the big Norwich Facebook group.  I uploaded the photos as you see in the pic and it didn't take long before my phone began to bleep, " I got a new message! " I shouted to my girlfriend.

I looked at the new comment and it wasn't what I expected, "nice photoshop" it said.  The phone went off again, " Fake ".  This had not turned out how I had hoped and as more people joined in calling me a liar, the sites Admin commented and pointed out that the carpet was clearly the same, and not photoshopped as the furniture was the same shade and the carpet pattern was too.

This new postive post and my own proclaiming it would of been business suicide to lie began to change peoples perspective. 

People began to post how amazing it was and the inboxes started to come in, one after the other.  I was still getting hate but now in private, people sending me really abusive messages, even from people who I would later know as my competitors.

As the night drew closer I had now booked in around 16 jobs and blocked just as many people.  Me and my girlfriend went to bed that night so happy knowing rent was going to be paid.  I never could of predicted what that post could do, but to me that was the moment everything changed.

I still remember who the customer was and I always think of her, she has probably long forgotten me, but one day I will make her day. 

I don't know how or when, but I will.

And that is a little insight into Evergreen Clean, If you like reading my posts please let me know.

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