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Do you know what the warning symbol of a reprotoxin is ? Most people don't. The reason is when it comes to checking the ingredients in the chemicals we use around the home, most of us just buy the product we need to do the job. You need to clean the toilet you buy a toilet cleaner, you need to wipe the kitchen worktops you buy a surface cleaner, and while most of these popular household cleaners are safe, some products are the exact opposite. The trouble is, unlike food items where we check sugar levels, fat content and salts. We never think to look at the back of these kinds of items, because we assume because we're not eating or drinking them, that they're not going to cause us harm. However, some of the products that we use around the home are dangerous, and a lot more caution than we think needs to be taken when using them.

So with that in mind, I thought I would do a post on one particular chemical compound that's found in a number of household products, one of which that you may of never even heard of, the " Reprotoxin ".

It sounds pretty nasty, and you would be right in thinking that.  The Reprotoxin gets its namesake because it affects the reproductive organs in the human body.

As well as damaging those organs, some strains of the Reprotoxin can do much much worse. Some can prevent a pregnant women from producing milk, while other Reprotoxins such as H361FD have the ability to damage unborn children, causing birth defects such as a loss of limbs, blindness and worse.

One of the more common Reprotoxins though is H361F, this can be found in among other things a popular household disinfectant. This product is not only highly flammable, but the reprotoxin it contains is also suspected of causing infertility in men. Yet most people who use it are completely oblivious to the dangers.

Along with spraying these reprotoxins around the home, some people are now joining internet crazes on instagram, which include pouring these disinfectants into electrical devices such as irons, steam mops, washing machines and as hard as it is to believe some people are even pouring it into their baths.

Now while I am sure my readers and customers are a lot more savvy than to be bathing in disinfectant, I urge you before you buy your next bottle of surface cleaner, or the bottle of air freshener you're going to spray around your home, please look at the warning labels.

Especially for the one I have mentioned, and if possible use products like Method that are Eco-friendly, dermatologically tested, biodegradable and free from harmful carcinogens. It's bad enough as a society we have to breathe in car pollutants and other harmful chemical fumes day after day, but at least just by looking at the ingredients of the products that we use around the home, we can limit the affects of these dangerous chemicals on us, our children and even our pets.

Stay safe 


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