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Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

There's a lot of reasons one might have their carpet cleaned. The most common reason is usually after an accident in the home. A spilt glass of wine or a pet having an upset stomach usually leads to calling someone out. However having your carpets cleaned can have a lot more benefits than one may think. So with that in mind here are 10 reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional. 1. Looking Clean

Starting with the most obvious reason, having your carpets cleaned has the benefit of leaving them looking like new again.  

Of course this depends on how good your carpet cleaner is, but generally speaking anyone who's reputable enough will be able to leave your carpet looking clean.

Aside from calling out a professional in an emergency, this is probably the most common reason someone calls out a carpet cleaner. 


2. Getting rid of odours

Not all carpets smell, but if you have pets then you've probably had to deal with pet odours at one point or another.

Whether that be from wet fur, litter trays or little accidents around the house, owning pets can cause carpets to smell, and while there are some products on the market that can get rid of odours, they're usually only good for a temporary fix, and don't eliminate the odours at the source.

This is why having your carpets cleaned can be more beneficial than just for aesthetics.  Carpet cleaning if done right has the ability to leave them not only looking nice and clean, but smelling fresh too.


3. Eliminates Germs & Bacteria

We don't think twice about washing our hands, having showers and baths and keeping ourselves and our homes clean.

We wash our clothes and dust the house, but what about our carpets.  While vacuuming does work to some extent ( I'll cover that later on ), left unclean they can end up a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

This is why it's important to have them sanitised, especially if you have pets and children playing on the same carpet together.  We recommend at Evergreen Clean® having your carpets cleaned between every 12-18 months.


4. Improves quality of life

Yes you're right, carpet cleaning can improve your quality of life. 

If you've never had your carpets professionally cleaned then you may think I'm clutching at straws adding this to the list, but it really does make all the difference.

How good do you feel when you've tidied the house, you sit down with a cuppa and it's all nice and clean.  It feels good right.

Well after seeing thousands of smiling faces after I've extracted buckets of waste from their carpets, left them smelling of fresh cotton linen and sanitised them, you would be hard pushed to think otherwise.

So for that reason I can safely say, having your carpets cleaned does indeed improve your quality of life.


5. Saves you money

As you know carpets aren't cheap, to lay carpet in a 3 bed house you're going to be looking at about £3,000, if you're lucky, and that may not even include the underlay and fitting.

This is why having your carpet professionally cleaned from time to time, not only has the added benefits I've listed above and below, it also means that your carpets won't end up so trashed you'll have to spend £3,000 to have them replaced.


6. Getting your deposit back

We have all been there, your tenancy agreement is coming to end, you have £800 tied up in the deposit and you're spending the last few weeks before your final inspection, worried you're going to lose a big chunk of your deposit because of the carpets.

As you know carpets are not cheap, and some landlords are not going to have any trouble taking your entire deposit to pay for new ones.  

This is why having your carpets cleaned before you move out can ensure that you not only keep your landlord happy, but in turn get your deposit back.


7. Vacuuming only does so much

Thats right vacuuming only does so much.  There's nothing wrong with vacuuming, and with modern day vacuums such as Sharks Flexology models becoming more and more advanced, cleaning your carpets is becoming easier and easier.

The trouble is with vacuums you're limited to what they can actually extract, and that is primarily dry matter.  If you have stains, caked on dirt, a thick pile carpet or don't own a top of the range vacuum, then you are going to be limited in how clean you can get them.

This is why it's a good idea to have them rinsed and extracted by a professional carpet cleaner.


8. Remove Allergens

How many of you suffer from allergies ? I do, I have all of my life, I even did an article on it last year.  

There is nothing worse than having a runny nose, dry throat, sore eyes and worse because you're sensitive to pollen, and dust particles and all the tiny microbes you cannot see.

Now one way of dealing with this is taking anti-histamines from Spring until Autumn, but that doesn't solve the problems it only masks it year in and year out.  If you really want to improve how you feel at least when you're in your home, it's to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Having someone extract all the dirt, dust, pollen, allergens, dust mites, dander and pollutants can make the world of difference.  You wouldn't believe how much can come out of a carpet, just look at some of our videos online.


9. Feel of the carpet

Remember how soft your carpets felt under your feet when they were new.  Now they look worn and flat as the pile has been trodden on thousands of times over. 

Well having your carpets cleaned can bring life back into your carpets and restore the fibres natural feel.  Even better is a professional carpet cleaner will be able to reset the pile, so they no longer look tired and flat, but soft and new.


10. Makes it easier to sell a property

At some point in our lives, whether it be going to view a house to rent, or sell a home, how the carpets look is going to be a big part of whether we move into a place or we lose money on a house.

I mean after all, who's going to want to rent a house with urine stains everywhere, or buy a house that's never had the carpets cleaned.

This is why among other things it's important to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets.  You don't want to have to fork out a couple of grand for new carpets when you come to sell, or lose money on a house because the prospective buyers get put off because of how they look.

And at less than a couple of hundred pound to clean an entire house, it's definitely an investment worth making.


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