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Hire Machine Vs Professional Clean

Are you thinking about cleaning, or having your carpets cleaned, but can't decide which ones the better option ? on the one hand you have the hire machine, and on the other you have the professional carpet cleaner much like myself.

It's a difficult choice when you don't know the pros and cons about carpet cleaning, and while I may be a little bias owning a carpet cleaning company, I will try and be as impartial as possible when helping you decide.

So with that in mind, here are some of the top reasons why you should choose one over the other.

Hiring A Carpet Cleaner - Pros

Convenience has to be the most obvious pro in hiring a carpet cleaning machine, being able to drive down to your local supermarket or hardware store and pick a machine is definitely a plus.

Affordability is also a reason why Rug Doctors have become so popular, being able to hire a machine and chemicals for around £35 have given people who would otherwise not be able to afford carpet cleaning the ability to be able to clean their own carpets.

I mean we should after all be able to live in a clean home, so in that respect Rug Doctors have opened up a whole new world for people who previously may not of been able to afford a professional carpet cleaner.

Accessibility also plays a key role in the success of the Rug Doctor, and also a plus point in deciding which one may or may not be the best option when needing to have your carpets cleaned.

An example of this could be, when living in an area that only has one carpet cleaner operating and no competition to bring down prices, this carpet cleaner may be charging more than they should because he or she can get away with it, or they're simply just charging an excessive amount of money.

With being able to hire a Rug Doctor from your local supermarket, this gives someone who may of not been able to afford a carpet clean the option of having their carpets cleaned at an affordable rate. And to me that is a definite plus because everyone should be able to have the option of living in a clean environment, and Rug Doctors do give those in remote areas or with less of a disposable income that ability, and that has to be a good thing.


So we have had a look at some of the positives of hiring a carpet cleaning machine, and while there are some circumstances where hiring one is a better option than calling out a professional carpet cleaner, I will now list the reasons why you shouldn't hire a carpet cleaning machine.

Hiring A Carpet Cleaner - Cons

Time In this day and age is limited, gone are the 9-5 workdays we used to have, where we had all weekend free to ourselves. Now we live in a 24 work environment and the time we have to spend with our family and loved ones is a lot less than I think most of us would like.

And for that reason, why spend it driving over to Homebase or Sainsbury's to pick up a carpet cleaning machine, take it home, set it up and spend hours slowing cleaning your carpets, only to have to drive it all the way back the next day to return it.

I may be wrong, but I would much rather have someone come over and do it all for me so I can be doing something else, and If your reasoning is it's cheaper to hire a Rug Doctor, once you take into account the hours to do it yourself the cost far outweighs the monetary difference, which you may be surprised to know isn't that much different, at least not with us.

Price is important, living costs get higher each year and we all have to try and manage our spending, although to be honest with you all, as much as I try I still cant help ordering takeaways haha. But in all seriousness I know money is important, and while hiring a carpet cleaner does cost less in money it's not by much.

The cost of a Rug Doctor is £24, you then have to spend £10 ( on the chemicals ), so in total for a large room you would need to spend £34. Did you know at Evergreen Clean we charge only £49 for the first carpet, then just £29 for each additional room ( even less for box rooms, halls, stairs and landings ).

So for £15 less you can be doing the things you want to be doing and not at home cleaning a carpet all morning, but instead call out a professional carpet cleaner come and take care of everything, leaving you with not only a much cleaner carpet than a hire machine could ever achieve, but eliminate all the risks of using a hire carpet cleaning machine.

Risks that include over soaking the carpet, this is the main one I have to deal with, it's not just the over wetting that's the problem as such, its the smell of wet dog that leaves the customers picking up the phone to call me screaming Helllllllllllllpppppp! and I do on an almost weekly basis.

There's also a whole host of other risks involved in using a hire machine, which can all be found on my blog post " 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine ", it's a good read and will cover more of the risks and in greater detail, so please go take a look if you haven't already.


Now onto the professional carpet clean pros and cons. You would think given I own a carpet cleaning company I wouldn't find any faults with this kind of business, but the truth is while I'm an honest guy there's some people in this trade, much like any trade that aren't. So let's cover some of those so you don't end up the victim of one.

Professional Carpet Clean - Cons

Price has already been discussed as a positive for Rug Doctors, so it only seems fair that the price of hiring out a professional carpet cleaner is a negative. I know not everyone can afford to have a professional out, so for that reason this is the first con of the professional carpet cleaner.

Safety is something important to me, and I don't mean not slipping over on a wet floor, but the safety of people, people like you reading this, your family or your friends. Who is the person you're having in your home, with a Rug Doctor you eliminate that worry, but when you call someone out, you don't know who's going to knock at the door.

I have heard so many stories over the years of cowboy carpet cleaners doing and saying things they shouldn't to customers, from bullying, sexual advances all the way to extortion. Some people these days only care about making fast money, and while making fast money is easy, it's building a reputation that's the hard part.

This is why I'm proud to own the highest rated company in this sector in Norfolk, there are other companies that have more reviews, but we are the only ones to have nearly 140 reviews online and every single one of them is 5 star.

I have written a whole article related to rogue carpet cleaners and their shady business practices which can be found on our Blog, once again please have a read if you have time and protect yourself from these kinds of people.


Professional Carpet Clean - Pros

Chemicals are a huge part of professional carpet cleaning, whether you're just starting out using Prochem or have moved into environmentally friendly cleaning ( points at me ) we all use them. And while I would avoid any cleaning company that doesn't use Eco Friendly chemicals such as detergents, this has to be a positive because with a professional carpet cleaner you're given the choice.

With a hire machine you're pretty much limited to using what they offer, and If you take the time to read up on the chemical makeup of some of these solutions you'll find out they are far from friendly to you the consumer or the world we live in.

Cleaning a carpet using an extraction machine is achieved by a number of ways, some machines use steam, some cold water, some have pads that rotate. But two things are always a constant when cleaning with an extraction machine, the first is injection, whether it's just steam, cold or hot water, the machine, much like the Rug Doctor or a £2000 Jag will all inject water into the carpet.

The second is extraction, this is to obviously extract the water you have injected into the carpet ( and pre-spray if a professional ), the trouble is the difference between a domestic carpet cleaning machine and a two grand commercial carpet cleaning machine is amongst other things power.

This is why carpet cleaning with one or the other is like night and day, these small hire machines just do not have the power to extract the dirt down to the underlay, yes they can clean the surface and give the illusion they have cleaned the carpet by leaving you with a tank of murky brown water.

But to me, if you're going to clean a carpet you need to clean it properly, this isn't just going across the top with an under powered machine, or even using a high end machine, it's about cleaning every fibre down to the underlay, pre-spraying the carpets, hand scrubbing them to work in the solutions, bringing back the pile, sanitising them and most importantly of all extracting all that dirt and muck and leaving your carpets as clean as they can be. That's carpet cleaning.

Expertise is what makes the difference between a good carpet cleaner and a bad one, it also makes the difference between you screwing up your carpets, by not knowing what you're doing when using a hire machine. This isn't a fault of the Rug Doctor, but when you hire one of these machines there's no manual about the hundreds of things that can go wrong if you do it incorrectly.

And while carpet cleaning seems like an innocent D.I.Y job I can assure you from first hand experience it is far from risk free. As I mentioned earlier I get called out to rectify problems on a weekly basis, these range from over soaking carpets, to not extracting the solution and leaving water marks, carpet waving from wetting the backing to much, leaving a smell of sheep, damp, carpet shrinking, dye bleeds and much much more.

Yes carpet cleaning has become a lot more affordable these days with the introduction of being able to hire a carpet cleaner. But in my experience it has also increased the number of problems associated with cleaning carpets that were normally only caused by cowboy carpet cleaners and those inexperienced. Is it really worth spending that £15 less and risking £1000's of pounds worth of damage through no fault of your own ?


Have you had a bad experience with a hire machine or a carpet cleaning company ? please comment below, I would love to read your stories.

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