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How To Find A Good Carpet Cleaning Company

Watchdog conducted a report on a rogue trading carpet cleaning company a few years back, Dean Grant the owner can be seen in the photo above, thank fully this cowboy operation was closed down and as far as I'm aware they ceased trading.

However while this company, and I use the term company loosely, has stopped conning the general public, I am in no doubt that dozens more have popped up since then to take their place. 

Whilst it would be impossible for me to identify each and every one of them, I do have the perfect advantage of having spent years in the trade and knowing exactly what to look out for.

So with that in mind, I will be going over the top 7 things to keep an eye out for before hiring a carpet cleaning company. 

Some of these can even be used when choosing other types of tradesman, but in this article I will just be covering some of the lies and nonsense carpet cleaners will tell you to get your booking.

1) Bait and Switch

The classic go in low, get the booking, then once they're in your home and set up you find out what was meant to be a £19.99 carpet clean, turns out to be £99 a carpet! This is of course illegal, aside from the fact it's unethical, some carpet cleaners use this to get bookings.

I even saw one carpet cleaning business on Facebook recently offering carpet cleans for £20 each, however the actual cost was £90 in the small print buried at the back of their website.

It just goes to show that this kind of selling technique stills goes on to this day,  so whenever making a booking ALWAYS ask if there's any hidden costs, because the last thing I would want is someone being taken advantage of.

2) High prices mean high quality:

This is of course nonsense, while the term buy cheap buy twice does apply to a lot of things in life like, just because something costs a lot does not in anyway mean it is best.