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Indonesian Reforestation Project

Evergreen Clean, since it's conception in 2014, was always centred around being an environmentally friendly company. Over the past four years we have continued to not only use greener and safer chemicals for our customers, but also for the environment too.

However as the owner of the business I wanted to be able to do more. I had been donating to reforestation in 3rd world countries outside of the business since mid 2018, but this April 2019 I decided to take it one step further and made it public on our social media channels I was going to be trialling something new.

This new venture will have Evergreen Clean partnering with onetreeplanted.org during the month of May to help with reforestation in Indonesia. The goal is to plant one tree for every single booking that's made during that month. This also includes any work that was previously booked for that month too.


Indonesia has seen vast areas of land destroyed by the palm oil industry as well as thousands of hectares of land wiped out from forest fires. These areas are the habitat of hundreds of species of birds, including proboscis monkeys, sun bears and orangutans. Our goal is to help rebuild these habitats so that we can ultimately help save these species from going extinct.

We hope by becoming official partners of onetreeplanted.org we can do something positive this summer and not only become socially responsible as a business, but do something good in this world.


Thank you to everyone who takes part in this trial by simply booking to have your carpets or upholstery cleaned. I will update more in a blog post at the end of May and across our social media channels. If you have any questions, or would even like to donate towards this please email us at evergreennorfolk@gmail.com alternatively you can head straight to onetreeplanted.org and make a donation.



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