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What's so green about Evergreen Clean ?

Today I wanted to do what most carpet cleaners don't, and that's show you what we use to clean 99% of our carpets with.

If you're wondering what the other 1% get cleaned with, it's still detergent free, just in extreme cases you sometimes have to use things which are little stronger. Especially when removing urine and other biohazards.

So what's " One Earth " and why should you care. Well firstly these chemicals are Eco-logo certified. This is one of the highest green credentials stamp you can get. They contain no detergents, no phosphates, no carcinogens, no synthetic surfactants and no petrochemicals.

One Earth products have full ingredient disclosure on the label, and contain 100% natural ingredients classified by the food and drinks agency as safe for consumption. Yes believe it or not they are safe to eat.

Not only that One Earth products are safe around vulnerable people such as the sick, allergic, elderly, pregnant or very young children.

Now of course you're free to choose whoever you want to clean your carpets and upholstery, but wouldn't you want them to be cleaned with chemicals as safe as these ?

Detergents have become so ground into our psyche that we associate them with clean clothes, but the reality is these chemicals are dangerous and cause a whole host of health problems.

The point I'm trying to make is even if you don't use Evergreen Clean please make sure the person you're having out to clean your carpets or upholstery isn't spraying your home with harmful chemicals.

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