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Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy

Evergreen Clean is committed to preventing the spread of Covid-19 among our customers, their families and ours.


For that reason we are issuing this Health & Safety policy which will be updated as and when new government guidance becomes available.  


Here are some of the changes to our business practices that will come into effect when we reopen.


• We will strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines from point of contact.


• We will sanitise all equipment before and after each clean.

• We will sanitise touch points on exiting the property.


• Increase the level of PPE that we wear.


• Whilst we appreciate the offer of food and drink on jobs, to reduce the chances of cross contamination we cannot accept these gracious offers.


• Shaking hands on greeting will not be possible to minimise the risk of infection.  


• If you are over 70, vulnerable or suffer from any health related illnesses please let us know before hand so we can find the best and safest solution in carrying out the work.


• We ask that dogs and cats are kept away to minimise interactions.


• Our preferred method of payment is now BACS, however we do use card readers should that not be possible.  In the event you cannot pay by BACS or card, we will accept cash.


• Aftercare will now be sent digitally to reduce the time spent conversing.  


I realise some of these changes do seem impolite and impersonal, and whilst they go against my very nature, they are imperative to keeping your family and my family safe.


My hope, like many others, is that when a vaccine or reliable testing is found, we can resume some of our preferred working practices as and when it's safe to do so.    


Stay safe and thank you again for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. 




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