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1.A. By booking in any cleaning with Evergreen Clean®, you enter into a legally binding contract, agreeing with all our terms of service below,

1.B. We ask you to clear some items where possible, in order to facilitate cleaning and to prevent damage done to other items on the premises. All fragile and breakable items placed on the floor must be secured or removed.

1.C. How long are quotations valid for?

Quotations are valid for a maximum of 3 months. This is dependent on the condition of the items quoted for remaining the same. Please check your written quotation document for the exact specified validation period.

1.D. Evergreen Clean® reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should your original requirements change.

1.E. You must provide access to power and water free of charge and all our employees are instructed not to use office telephone lines without prior consent. All our employees will be warned not to read or divulge any data left out on the clients’ premises and to respect their privacy.

1.F. For Office/Commercial Carpet cleaning we charge based on the overall size.  Please note we may sometimes require a deposit on large commercial jobs prior to work commencing.

1.G. We supply all the cleaning materials and high powered professional equipment required for the carpet cleaning.

1.H. We will follow the clients security procedures, e.g. checking all windows and doors and activating the security alarm on the building before leaving the premises.

1.I. In the event of the cleaning being prevented by the customer and / or its employee’s or agents including by a trade dispute, it shall be considered as performed and the charge for the said cleaning shall be payable as compensation for time lost and wages paid. This shall include any period where the customer has extended the closure of its premises excess of any statutory holidays (eg. over the Christmas period).

If you require any further information, please contact Evergreen Clean® on: 07549 272552


2.A. If any estimate is given on how long it will take to do the job, this is only an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean a property of similar size.

2.B. Evergreen Clean® charge per clean rather then per hour so that we can work at our own speed and still get paid for the professional clean we provide.

2.C. We ask you to provide us with accurate details, about the carpeted area, e.g. size of rooms, overall condition of the carpets and upholstery, age, original approx cost, any particular staining.

2.D. Evergreen Clean® reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should your original requirements change.

2.E. We supply all cleaning materials and high powered professional equipment required for the carpet cleaning.

2.F. When it is needed we can move furniture provided it is not too heavy for a single person to move it.

2.G. When it is needed we can move pieces of upholstery, e.g. cushions, to do upholstery cleaning. However it is the responsibility of clients to allow time for drying out before arranging them back to where they belong.

2.H. All staining will be individually treated but depending on circumstances and cause Evergreen Clean cannot guarantee that alll the staining will be removed.

2.I. All carpet/upholstery cleaning orders are subject to £59.00 minimum call out charge.

2.J. You must allow the operator access to free power and water. All fragile and breakable items placed on the floor must be secured or removed from the rooms.

2.K. When cleaning rugs and carpets, It is the responsibility of clients to allow time enough for drying out after the cleaning has been done.

2.L. Please note we will not be held liable for work not completed, or not completed to a good standard, if other people are present in the property when our carpet cleaners are carrying out the job.

If you require any further information, please contact Evergreen Clean on: 07549 272552


3.A. Evergreen Clean® accept the following payment methods:
Direct Bank Transfer or Standing Order. Cash or Card Reader

3.B. If payment is not made after 7 days of invoice Evergreen Clean® will collect any outstanding money owed to us. If as a result we have to use a debt collecting agency or county court to secure payment, you agree to pay any debt collecting agency fees, court fees, legal cost, or interest that will occur(at a rate of 8% above bank base rate per annum, due to the result of non payment of your outstanding bill. Also an administration charge of £50.00 to Evergreen Clean®.


4.A. The prices payable for our carpet and upholstery cleaning services that you book are set out in our website as a guide only and can change once a carpet cleaner of Evergreen Clean® has seen the property and given an accurate quote. All prices are inclusive of tax at the current rates.


5.A. Evergreen Clean® guarantee that all work will be carried out using the highest powered and latest equipment and the best environmentally safe chemicals available.

If you require any further information, please contact Evergreen Clean on: 07549 272552


6.A. You may cancel a carpet-cleaning visit by giving Evergreen Clean® at least 48 hours advanced notice .If an emergency situation occurs and leads to cancellation a future time to complete the work must be rearranged and booked in to our schedule.

6.B. If keys are provided they must open the lock at the property/premises without any special efforts or skills.

6.C. You agree to pay a £59 cancellation fee in the event of a lock-out cased by our /carpet/ cleaners being turned away; no one home to let them in; no power or water available at your premises; or problem with your door entry keys to gain access to the property or premises.

If you require any further information, please contact Evergreen Clean® on: 07549 272552


7.A. If you are not completely satisfied with a carpet or upholstery-cleaning job, Evergreen Clean® will return and examine the problematic area. We reserve the right to offer you either to re-clean that area to your satisfaction or to give your money back.

7.B. You must be present at all times during the recovery-clean. Evergreen Clean® reserve the right not to return more than once.


7.C We will not tolerate verbal abuse or physical threats whilst working.  Failure to comply to these terms could result in legal action.


8.A. Evergreen Clean® require your presence or that of your representative in the beginning and at the end of the cleaning session as an inspection can be carried out and if any corrections should be made on the same day.

8.B. In case of a complaint, we ask you to notify Evergreen Clean within 24 hours of completion of the upholstery/carpet/ cleaning work. Evergreen Clean® will not consider any complaints that are notified after a period of 24 hours. If you are dissatisfied with the work, the operator must be allowed to return and re-do the job at no extra charge within 48 hours.  After that point we may not be able to resolve certain issues due to the length of time.

8.C. In case of damage which is our fault, we will repair the item at its cost. If the item cannot be repaired we will rectify the problem by crediting the customer with the item's present actual cash value toward a like replacement from our source upon payment of cleaning services rendered.

8.D. If you have scheduled an inventory check then it must be scheduled to commence no later than 24 hours after the cleaning job has been carried out. We will not accept a complaint based on an Inventory check report, filed more than 24 hours after the cleaning session.

8.E. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Evergreen Clean® cannot be held responsible for:

- Wear, sun damage or discoloring of carpets or fabric becoming more visible once dirt has been removed.

- Existing damage or spillage that cannot be cleaned/removed completely by the cleaner using standard carpet cleaning materials

- Old stains that cannot be removed using normal cleaning methods especially if chemicals have been used on them prior to our site visit.

- Triggering any alarm systems. Customers should provide instructions for deactivation/activation of any alarm systems.

- Accidental damage worth  £250.00 or less.


- Wicking/Browning caused from failing to keep the room(s) ventilated.

- Third party entering or present at the customer's property during the cleaning booking.

8.F. Occasionally we use services of partner companies and subcontractors. In cases of a client’s claim it is the company that delivers the service that provides its insurance details. We encourage you at the time of booking to find out which company’s representatives will be sent to do the cleaning at your property.

8.G. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed into safe storage. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewelery, items of sentimental value (the customer will be credited with the items present cash value), art, and antiques.


8.H If we offer a refund and you accept, the refund is subject to you accepting that the refund has settled whatever issues they may have been.


9.A.  Evergreen Clean® has public and employer's liability insurance, covering up to a maximum of £1 million. The policy will cover major accidental damage caused by our (carpet) cleaners. There is £250.00 excess on any claim payable by the customer. Poor service, breakage/damage, or theft, must be reported within 24 hours from our service date. Any claims reported later than 24 hours after the clean will not be considered.


10.B There is no cash alternative for prizes

10.C Entrants must be 18 years of age or over. 

10.D Facebook is not associated with any of our giveaways.

10.E Competitions are only open to U.K mainland residents


10.F Competitions are not open to friends or family members of Evergreen Clean staff.

10.G We accept no liability for any damages caused from any prize we have given away.


10.H We will publish winners names, by entering any competition you agree to these terms and conditions.

10.I We reserve the right to pick another winner, if we have proof any of the above terms are breached.

10. J Birthday promo codes can only be used once per customer.

10.K Birthday promo codes of £10 are subject to a minimum call out of £59, £20 off codes subject to a £69 minimum call out.

10.L  Promo codes are non transferable.

10.M  Promo codes will only be issued once terms have been met.

11. Attributions

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