Update 23-09-20 - We  are pleased to announce Evergreen Clean has now planted 136 trees to help reforestation projects.


Hello my name is Matt and I am the owner of Evergreen Clean.  Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit my website and hopefully read what we're about.

When I started the company back in 2014 and was deliberating with my wife what I should name the business, I knew whatever we finally decided on it had to be focused on being green.

I didn't know back then about being socially responsible, and to be honest I didn't even know if the business would survive once I had started it.

Thank fully Evergreen Clean grew and grew.  Even though as of writing this we are still a relatively new company, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings, and as we approach our fifth year of trading I wanted to expand upon our green credentials.

To take you back to how this all began, in May 2019 I first started to look into planting trees using profits from bookings, this experiment was going great and then we found out my wife was pregnant.  As you can imagine, what was going to be a journey into my first foray into reforestation now became a journey into parenthood.

We still managed to plant 40 trees, which were all planted in Indonesia to help rebuild Orangutan habitats destroyed by the palm oil industry.  The trouble was with a new baby on the way using what little money I had to plant trees ( keep in mind I'm just a sole trader ) now had to go on a cot, nursing chairs and everything else my wife wanted.  I wasn't going to argue!

Fast forward to today, with our baby now born and a new vision for helping the planet, I am pleased to announce that from this moment for every bottle sold of our non-toxic stain remover ( which we will be launching this month - January 2020 ) we will be planting a tree.  This isn't going to be a one hit wonder either.  We plan on doing this for as long as Evergreen Clean operates.  

I plan to start small to begin with, with a target of between 100-200 trees planted a year.  It's not a huge amount but it's something.  These trees will be planted not just in Indonesia but in other parts of the world too.  This page you're now on will eventually be used to update our mission.  As each batch of tree saplings are bought and donated I will post the certification onto this page to show our progress.

Thank you for reading, and I do hope if you decide you want to help us achieve our goal by buying this product when it's launched, you'll not only help the environment by reducing chemical waste, but you'll also help the planet too, and that can't be a bad thing.  


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